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Martínez Alesanco vino ecológico rioja tempranillo y garnacha

Martínez Alesanco ECO Organic

Martínez Alesanco Eco Organic Wine

TYPE OF WINE: Ecological 2015


GRAPE VARIETIES: Tempranillo and Garnacha Tinta


PRODUCTION: Ecological Rioja wine produced from the grape varieties Tempranillo and Garnacha Tinta, grown on small plots in Badarán planted in 1940 and 2007. Harvested by hand at their optimum ripeness at the end of September and beginning of October 2015.


Vinification is done in small wine vats, carrying out classic alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperatures of 22-24°C, with daily gentle manual remontage, during the early fermentation stages. With this, fresh fruity Garnacha aromas are respected, and without macerations to prevent unnecessary extractions, thereby respecting the grape as it would be in a traditional production method.


After fermentation, we carry out devatting to extract the best wine quality using simple gravitation force, next helping with traditional grape treading instead of subjecting it to pressing.


Wine racking to barrels is done at the end of October to age it during 6 months in new French oak barrels, whereby we enhance the varietal aromas with subtle notes from its brief barrel aging.


BOTTLING: 27/05/2016


Ecological analysis 2015:

  • ABV: 14.90%
  • Total acidity: 4.9 g/l
  • Volatile acidity: 0.40g/l
  • Ph: 3.7
  • Reducing sugar: 0.2g/l


Crisp bright cherry red with purple accents.

Intense red fruit aromas with a subtle spicy depth. Thanks to the Garnacha Tinta, it reminds you of a young wine, yet at the same it has some light creamy toasted notes resulting from its short time in barrel, with the spicy depth of the Tempranillo accompanying it all.

In the palate, it is lively wide and structured with a sensation of minerality typical of the soils where our vines grow, endowing it with sensations of young fresh intense wine, which brings us back to our origins.

This wine requires no more resting and is at its optimum moment to be enjoyed, besides taking you on a journey where you will discover all the nuances of our land, i.e. La Rioja.


VINEYARD CHARACTERISTICS: The blending of grapes from an ecological Tempranillo vineyard planted with a definite quality orientation (high density of vines per hectare, vast foliage mass), providing its great structure and aromatic range; plus 2 old vineyards (Garnacha and Tempranillo respectively) planted in 1940 endowing it with the character and idiosyncrasy of this area of La Rioja. The crop growing is very environment friendly, and has been treated with natural products.



  • JAMES SUCKLING 92 pts.
  • TIM ATKIN 90 pts.
  • Silver Medal, Challenge International du Vin
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