When a new wine is born

Modernas técnicas de elaboración de vino y control de calidad

Our winery is equipped with the latest wine making techniques and quality control. This, together with the care we give our vineyards, allows us to obtain excellent grapes each year as well as to maintain or improve the quality of our wines vintage after vintage.

In our family we are convinced that the best wine can only be made from excellent grapes, hand picked and immediately transported to the cellar in order to avoid oxidation. For this reason, all our vineyards are located in Badarán, within two kilometers from the cellar.

In addition to this, we do research in the field of vine and wine, recover ancient fermentation and wine making techniques and obtain results which we are proud of.

Fermentación de la uva en barricas

We have recovered the use of 500 liter barrels to make our wines. The grapes are fermented there under our constant supervision. We care about the color, the aromas and obtaining a perfect wine.

Envejecimiento del vino en barricas de roble

The wine rests for a few months In the very same barrels where it was born, until the time arrives for it to start aging and to turn youth into the perfect ripeness provided by the new aging barrels.

Tonelero de barricas de roble para vino

Our wines would not be possible without the joint effort of our coopers and winemaker. Tailor-made barrels from the best oaks in the world for the great task ahead: aging the best wines from our grapes.

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