Barricas Martínez Alensanco

Our research in the field of vine and wine has already provided, is currently providing and will continue to provide a significant increase in the quality of vineyards and, in turn, of our wines. Thanks to the collaboration of teachers and winemakers of the University of La Rioja we are making substantial progress in developing minority varieties such as Maturana Tinta, as well as techniques to improve yields and quality of our vineyards through defoliation.

Uva Maturana Tinta


Our efforts to recover Maturana Tinta grapes, a minority and indigenous variety, have been rewarded with the achievement of a surprising and spectacular wine. This work, carried out together with the University of La Rioja, has achieved a historic milestone: the variety has received the approval of the Regulatory Board of the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin.

Innovación e investigación en el mundo del vino


We have also developed a technical project to improve yields and qualities: Early Vine Defoliation. Unlike thinning (reduction in the number of clusters), which is more expensive and has worse results, defoliation manages to reduce the number of grapes, thus increasing health, reducing yields and increasing quality to levels hitherto unknown.

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