Our own carefully tended vineyards

  • Vineyard Valle de San Millán
  • Vineyard Ribamaría
  • Vineyard El Hombo
  • Vineyard El Campillo
  • Vineyard Las del Rey
  • Vineyard Vallejo las Suertes
  • Vineyard La Patada
Finca Valle de San Millán

Valle de San Millán Estate

We are dedicated to preserving our traditions. Goblet-trained Tempranillo vines, the most important red variety in Rioja, are grown in this estate which offers the best soil (ferrous-alluvial clay soils) and climatic conditions for the cultivation of this noble variety, thus resulting in young red wines with carbonic maceration, with a rich aroma, acidity and body.

Finca Ribamaría

Ribamaría Estate

Viura, the main white variety in Rioja, is grown in this vineyard which was planted in 1936 on infertile soil, with as little fertilizer as possible so as to favor low yields, at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level so that the grapes ripen slowly, to produce a wine of high quality and great personality, fruitiness, amplitude and elegance on the palate.

Finca El Hombo

El Hombo Estate

Martínez Alesanco were eventually confirmed as winemakers with “NADA QUE VER”, a wine from our El Hombo Estate. Our Maturana Tinta variety grows in this historic vineyard located in the heart of the San Millan Valley.

Trellised grapevines in an estate at more than 700 meters above sea level, facing the South East and very poor clay-limestone soil, where grapes ripen exceptionally well in a privileged environment, thus allowing us to produce the crown jewel of the winery.

Finca El Campillo

El Campillo Estate

Unique soil, as it is located above an old chalk quarry owned by the Martinez family. New land were low yielding Tempranillo vines were planted facing north-south, which enables the hot September wind to break through the berries to provide perfect ripening.

Finca Las del Rey

Las del Rey Estate

A Tempranillo vineyard, located in one of the most emblematic pieces of land owned by the Martínez Alesanco Family, which was passed from generation to generation, with some of the best grapes for wines intended to be kept due to their features, combining tradition with new cultural practices in the vineyards, since it is our belief that good wine can only be obtained from excellent grapes.

Finca La Patada

La Patada Estate

A plot located in the municipality of Badarán, south of the town itself, were the vines grow on high trellises with an inclination of 10%. Its special climate with temperature contrasts, along with its altitude and exposure to the sun, do nothing but increase the wealth and diversity of nuances contributed to the tempranillo grapes and in turn to the crianza wine.

Finca Vallejo Las Suertes

Vallejo Las Suertes Estate

Red Garnacha grown in a ferrous clay soil vineyard, which together with the climate, the history that surrounds this variety and the love with which we make our wines, result in fresh, aromatic rosé wines and fruity, palatable red wines that will seduce us from the glass.

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